“We were in a very tough situation and had a hard time finding an attorney that would defend our case. The attorney that we were going against was popular and had a lot of allies. It was divine intervention that lead us to Joe. Joe heard and analyzed our case and immediately jumped into action! He didn’t back down from this attorney, but instead went full fledged – head-to-head against him. Joe’s communication was impeccable. Never once did he not respond to a call, text or email. Joe gave us detailed information that he needed from us, and “fitted” us in to his heavy workload. He was poised, dominate, and found a solution that worked in our favor! I would choose Joe over and over again to represent me. His professionalism was superb, work ethic unmatched, and he is an all-around amazing person! Joe has left a lasting impression on us and we cannot thank this firm enough! They gave us our life back.” – Nikky

”This is my story. My husband was shot five times and robbed. I found him in ICU as a John Doe hanging on to life. The only way I was capable of getting past guards to see him was to describe varies parts of his body in which they thought John Doe was much younger. I was told he might not make it then after four surgeries he may not walk again, but God had other plans. Taylor & Taylor through this whole process of his recovery was beyond professional. Attorney Joe was always attainable and responded to any of my questions in an expeditious manner. He felt more like a friend than a council. I gave him a nick name the Gentle Giant because of his height. I will be forever grateful for his firm.” – Sherry Lemons

“My case with Taylor and Taylor involved being a home invasion and rape in my mid-20s. At the time of my work with Joe, the rapist had still not been caught. With Joe’s guidance and support I was able to go through the process of standing up, finding a piece of justice and regaining some control of my life. Although challenging, it was a very healing and empowering experience. It impacts me to this day. Joe has a way about him that makes you feel comfortable, safe and protected which was of utmost importance to me having just been through a sexual assault. In addition, going through this process ultimately prepared me to be ready to fight when the day did come for the rapist to be tried. Joe is an excellent lawyer and an even better person.” – Jessica

”By far the best lawyers in town! Joe Taylor is very business savvy and does a excellent job in handling cases for his clients. He will always find a solution to getting things done! Looking for someone who is diligent and puts in hard work, choose him. Joe and his father handled my case like pure professionals and went above and beyond to meet my needs! If I had to choose lawyers over again, I would certainly pick them.” – E.